Saturday, April 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Bella!

March 31 was Bella's birthday....a wonderful 8 years old!!!  Sadly I don't have puppy pictures as we only adopted her last Sept. -she must have been a cutie!!!
It was what I refer to as my "health week". I dislike doctors and put off all the annual stuff for as long as possible...then I make all the appointments for one, optometrist (my distance vision has actually improved and so I am trying mono contacts to see how that goes before laser surgery), mammogram, and dermatologist (mole check). Everything is good for another year!!!!
The renovations continue......stripped wallpaper in the dining room, JJ finished laying hardwood in one bedroom, purchased a new washer and dryer for the laundry room, and painted in the bathroom -still one coat to go. We still have snow so no outside work yet. I'll try to do some sorting before I move furniture back into the bedroom. I think I'd like a new dresser ...maybe red?????


Kath said...

Happy birthday belle Bella. Like you, we have no photos of ours as pups, as they were 3 and 1/8mths when we adopted them.
Hope the birthday girl has a lovely day and some special treats!

Kath said...

Happy brthday lovely girl. I hope Bella had a wonderful day full of doggies delights. love from Ellie and Roobarb x